In 2019, be coherent. Say what you do, do what you say. Your reputation needs a strict balance between your acts and your words. Know your strengths, work on your weaknesses. People don’t buy your products. People buy your values. People buy your behaviour. People buy your mindset. Your mindset is your service.

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The craftsman has a unique expertise which allow him/her to work in compliance with the particular rules of his/her art to deliver a best-in-class (craft-)work. The craftsman knows what he is talking about and dives into the heart of issues to deliver better results. He orchestrates in the kitchen and clarifies his/her work to the guests in the dining room. The craftman operates everywhere his/her knowledge can bring added values.

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Being ethical in a business means meeting promised commitments while walking ‘the extra mile’ dedicated to service quality: taking time to step back, to understand the big picture, to get involved in client relationship and to build  a sustainable partnership. Proceeding to this kind of partnership means human contacts prior virtual connections.

Ocean Consulting wants to take part in this business evolution where personal and close relationships replace anonymous  transactions, where quality replaces quantity and where riche exchanges replace poor and limited contacts. Because Ocean Consulting think that way of proceeding will finally lead to better results.